Monday, June 1, 2009

I Hate . . .

Word 2007--can't even stand it.
Vista--don't get me started.
No seeum (invisible) bugs--hate inhaling a bug, or swallowing one.
Mud--I've lost small vehicles in some of the mud puddles around my house.
Cold sores that appear right before an important event.
Wrinkles under my eyes and between my eyebrows.
Kids that can work computers better than me.
The jiggly fat I can't seem to exercise off.
Touching wet fingers in the pool.
Sleeping with any of my kids--they kick me all night, or pee on me, or both.

I guess that sums it up. My daughter asked what prompted this post. Easy--trying to deal with Word 2007. It simply makes no sense. And the help pane is no help at all. Makes me want to scream for a long time!!

My daughter performed in the play, Curious Savage, and one of the characters, Mrs. Paddy, only had a few lines, but every time she spoke, she listed what she hated. It was very humorous and then touching at the end when she finally said the one thing she loved--Mrs. Savage.

And the list of things I love is much longer than this one :).


Fiauna said...

Amen to mud, wrinkles and jiggly fat!!!

JustRandi said...

I completely agree. Especially on the cold sore thing! Argh.