Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Allen Wins Idol

Wow, wow, wow. I was surprised last night when Kris Allen won American Idol. Not because he isn't talented, but because it seemed like Adam Lambert had more fans. I thought Adam was very gracious when Ryan Seacrest announced Kris as the winner for Season 8. Kris looked completely shocked. I loved seeing him hug his wife at the end and watching his dad wipe away the tears.

Kris Allen has a beautiful voice and he's so creative with the music. He's also "hot" according to my daughters--I keep reminding them that he's married and they can't have a crush on him. I think he'll do very well because he's talented in so many ways. Randy Jackson even told him that he liked the way Kris sang one of the songs on Tuesday night better than the original artist. That's high praise. Kris seems like a genuinely nice kid and I wish him the best.

The finale was filled with great entertainment. I loved seeing the finalists all reunited, especially Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre. Scott is so inspiring. Not only is he a great singer and an amazing musician, he's shown the world that what we see as a disability isn't necessarily one. He's overcome his sight limitations to place in American Idol, that's huge. And Danny's such an inspiration as well. He's overcome a devastating personal tragedy. What awesome examples they are of endurance and faith.

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Marilyn said...

Wow-thanks for commenting on my silly little blog. I feel honored that a REAL author would stop by and leave a note. And you live in the country too! Even better. (a long time dream of ours) Thanks so much and I'll check back with ya!