Monday, October 20, 2008

No Good Comes From Consuming Alcohol

Classmates constantly informed me in high school that my religion was too restrictive and that it prevented me from having fun. Even an adult in a position of trust tried to persuade me that I was missing out on all the “high school fun” by not drinking and partying. Believe me, I had plenty of fun in high school and, even better, I can remember all of it. I didn’t spend time barfing my guts out in the bathroom or passing out cold in a back room. I was conscious for my high school events and not only do I remember them, I enjoyed them. I can’t say the same for my classmates who barely remembered attending school because they were often drunk.

In Doctrine and Covenants 89, we learn the basis of healthy eating. We also learn that the Word of Wisdom is, “Given for a principle with promise, adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all saints, who are or can be called saints” (D&D 89:3). When we obey the Word of Wisdom, we receive blessings. In fact, we’re promised that we, “shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures. (D&C 89:19). I know I need all the wisdom I can get and I have a testimony that obeying the Word of Wisdom will bless our lives.

We are counseled to not partake of alcohol, coffee, tea, or tobacco. These substances can be addictive as well as destructive to our bodies. Medical science has proven that alcohol is dangerous to our health because it can cause disease and illness. Those who regularly partake of alcohol damage body organs. Even partaking of alcohol one time can be fatal. College students die every year from alcohol poisoning.

Some become addicted to alcohol and that addiction leads to inappropriate behaviors. Alcoholics often abuse family members verbally and physically. Alcohol can magnify emotions, especially anger, and, more often than not, causes broken marriages and homes. Many lives have been destroyed due to the use of alcohol.

Another serious problem with alcohol use is the inability to make appropriate decisions. Often, young women who consume alcohol also end up breaking the Law of Chastity leading to even more problems. Those who drink and drive are impaired and cause accidents that kill and maim not only the driver, but also innocent people. One such accident happened a few years ago on the highway not far from my home. Two college students had been drinking and collided with a young man who was driving home from work. The young man was killed instantly. The driver survived, but the impact caused his passenger to be ejected from the vehicle and semi-truck ran over him. The driver received minimal punishment. Both families have suffered tremendously simply because someone decided to drink and drive.

I do not understand why it’s legal to consume alcohol. Is it big business? Is it our society’s inability to see the damage alcohol causes? Is it one more of Satan’s weapons in his ever-growing arsenal? Medical science has proven the physical and mental damage alcohol causes and we can easily see the other damage caused by consuming alcohol, yet we continue to allow its use. What will it take to make us realize that no good comes from drinking alcohol?

Stay tuned as I examine more of the Word of Wisdom in subsequent posts.

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Kristina P. said...

I am a social worker, and have been working with addicts for 10 years. I actually work with adolescent substance abusers, and some of them can never break the cycle.

I've never touched anything like alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, and I am thankful I had the willpower to stay away.

*MARY* said...

Good post.
I've really never even been tempted with alcohol. Growing up in Utah my friends were all the "good mormon" friends. I was never even offered it until I was twenty years old and living in China, where practically everyone drinks, and it was really easy to say no.

Tulsi said...

My last child entered HS this year and is the only one of her friends who hasn't given her first kiss away. It is so amazing at how annoyed her friends are at her. Only her one bestest friend doesn't care. It's her own cousin trying to sabotage her the most!! My mom didn't have to, but she married at 16. I remind my kids that that is what happens if you date early. You tend to want to get married early. My mom really talks to them about Proms and things she missed when she had plenty of time.

Sorry, I was entry reading and commenting in one. When my oldest started into all of this I told the kids that they will hear how restricted we are but that we are actually the freer of the people because we can remember it, we don't have to worry about adoption or keeping a baby, if we get addicted to something, worry about fixing potty mouth, we don't have look our parent in the eye and say "I did........" etc. My oldest is 21 and married 9 mo. She said she was so glad that was the way she was told because she had something smart to say back that sounded educated. Our son is at Army Basic right now and he said thinking about how much freer we actually are has him looking at the "sneak drinking" guys and thinking about how life will be for them. Besides the fact that for some reason alcohol makes him want to throw up. What ever works!!

I like hearing someone that thinks somewhat like me!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I missed out on all kinds of fun, too. I missed out on hangovers, driving drunk, getting arrested, becoming addicted, and ruining my liver.

drug rehab center said...

The harmful effects of alcohol can be prevented if a person has self-discipline, and cares for his/her health. Furthermore, by being alcohol-free, a long and healthy life awaits them when they grow old someday.