Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're Sneaky--Not

Over Labor Day weekend we helped our oldest kids move to Provo. We decided to make it a little family trip so all of the kids could spend more time together, especially since my son just returned home from his mission.

We spent most of Saturday moving boxes, grocery shopping, and helping our kids get settled.

Sunday we were exhausted. In Provo, it seems as if there's a chapel on almost every corner so we decided we'd pick a time and then find a chapel. Since we were in a hotel close to BYU, we chose the chapel right across from where my dorms (Deseret Towers) used to be. (It was a little unnerving to see an open field where my dorms once stood--it was as though they never existed).

We got there right at 11:00 (punctuality isn't one of my virtues) and we rushed all of us into the chapel where we thought sacrament meeting was just beginning. As we attempted to sneak into the chapel (yeah, all 12 of us are pretty sneaky) a sister who was standing at the pulpit to say the prayer waited for us to get seated. We were a bit embarrassed that she was waiting for us but found a pew and tried to shush the kids. As we listened to her prayer, we discovered that we were not listening to the opening prayer, but in fact, it was the closing prayer. Yep, we'd snuck in just in time for the closing prayer of sacrament meeting. Since it was obviously a BYU young married ward, I'm sure they were all watching us thinking, "Wow, is that what happens when you get old and have a bunch of kids, you sneak in just in time for the closing prayer?" So, yeah, that was just a tad bit embarrassing.

We found another ward to attend and then drove to Ephraim to see family. Boy, are there ever a lot of turkeys in Ephraim.

Monday we drove home and I felt sad because I abandoned my babies in Provo. It was only the other day that they were both toddling around the house, climbing up on my lap for a story, and falling asleep in my arms. Time just goes by way too fast.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Were you calling your family turkeys? :)

Rebecca Talley said...


Rachelle said...

That's definitely a 5 star embarassing moment. :)

David G. Woolley said...

It was only the other day you were at BYU.


David G. Woolley said...