Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Book Trek

Over at the LDSFiction blog there's a summer reading challenge. Everyone who participates is eligible for prizes. This is a no pressure reading challenge to encourage people to read LDS fiction. If you'd like to participate go here.

For my challenge I'll be reading:

1. Farworld Water Keep by J. Scott Savage
2. Season of Sacrifice by Tristi Pinkston

Yeah, I know 2 books is a little wimpy, but summer with my 9 kids (my first-born will return from his mission in 10 weeks--woo hoo--that'll make all 10 kids at home) will be crazy hectic. And, I'm still trying to finish the revisions on my LDS romance.

So go on over and sign up. It'll be fun!


Karlene said...

Hi. I know I have a long list. I'm sort of an overachiever--or rather, an over-expecter, don't always achieve it. :)

If I had 9, soon to be 10, kids at home I think I'd only put one book on my list so I think two is exceptional.

LDS Publisher said...

You have a good list. Looking forward to your review of Farworld Water Keep. Thanks for participating and happy reading!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Rebecca - Short lists are better than making a list that overwhelms you. Good luck with your writing!!! See you on the trek!

Marsha Ward said...

Hey Rebecca, life has taught me that with the way my mind works, I need to set alcanzable goals. If I don't, I get horribly depressed when I don't reach them. I only have four books on my list.

Is alcanzable an English word? Sometimes I retrieve a Spanish word that fits, instead of an English one. LOL! Alcanzable means reachable, achieveable.

Wendy said...

I'm with Karlene--I'm surprised you find time to read at all, not to mention write!

Congratulations on your soon-to-be-home missionary!

Karlene said...

Hi Rebecca. Just wanted to let you know, I'm hosting my second annual Summer Reading Thing over on my blog. It starts this Friday, June 20th. The rules are similar to this one, very easy and you can use this same book list to double your chance at prizes. Hope you'll join me.