Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time Flies

Today my daughter celebrates her 19th birthday. Wow. How did that happen? How did 19 years pass so quickly?

I made a conscious choice years ago to stay home and raise my children. Since I was orphaned as a little girl, I felt like I was kind of cheated out of the whole family thing and decided I didn't want to miss a single minute with my own children.

When I have a baby, I spend the first six weeks staring at the baby, trying to memorize every little detail. I hardly do anything else but just hold and cuddle my new baby. And yet, that time flies by.

While my kids are growing, I spend my time watching them, playing with them, reading to and with them, helping them develop their talents, and teaching them to work. Yet, I feel as though time slips away so fast. Where does it go? Is there some place where time goes and stacks up and I could borrow some of it back?

When I was a kid it took forever for Christmas to arrive and then it took forever for summer break. Now, I feel like I put the Christmas decorations away only to turn around a month later and get out the kiddie pool and a month later it's back to the Christmas decorations.

Anyone know how to slow time?


Tamra Norton said...

So true, so true! Sometimes I just wanna yell, STOP! But they;d just keep growing anyway. Oh well...

Brillig said...

Wow. 19! Happy birthday to her! My oldest is barely six, so I don't have the perspective that you do. But tonight I'm sorting through clothes and I'm amazed at how many things my kids have suddenly outgrown. Goodness! Didn't I JUST BUY those pants?!

C.L. Beck said...

Oh my gosh, you'll blink your eyes and she'll be grown and married. The older you get, the faster time goes. Wish there WAS a way to slow time. If you find it, post it for the rest of us!

Appreciated your thoughts on this.