Friday, December 21, 2007

12 Random Christmas Facts

Marcia Mickelson tagged me so I'll play along.

1. I grew up in California so I spent Christmas vacation at the beach. Snow? No way.

2. Now I live in Colorado and we pray for snow every year at Christmas. Yeah, weird.

3. I love how a real tree smells.

4. We used to cut our own tree, but since the drought and a beetle infestation many of the trees have died so we no longer cut down a tree.

5. We have a beautiful artificial tree. I hate the way it doesn't smell like Christmas.

6. My kids are official present shakers, squeezers, and feelers so I have to hide some presents until Christmas day just so my nosey kids won't figure out their gifts.

7. I love Kenny G's Christmas album and Manheim Steamroller's Christmas albums.

8. My husband usually tells me what he'd like and then goes out and buys it for himself before I can purchase it for Christmas. So he gets boring clothes.

9. I hate the song, "Go Tell It On The Mountain."

10. I finally put up lights outside this year--we are sooooo festive.

11. My kids all choose a name of a sibling and then make or purchase a gift for that sibling. On Christmas Eve they open their gifts from each other and try to guess who gave it to them. (Santa comes and delivers those gifts to the kids on Christmas Eve long before he delivers the other gifts later that night.)

12. I spoil my kids way too much at Christmas--I can't help it, I inherited it from my grandmother who raised me. She was all about Christmas all year round.(I think she may have actually been be Mrs. Claus).


Marcia Mickelson said...

Thanks for playing. Those were fun to read.

Shellie said...

My hubby does #8 too, it drives me crazy! Merry Christmas!!! said...

urg, now i have that sing stick in my head! :) said...

song stuck i mean. weird typo :)