Friday, April 25, 2014

From Being Dumped to Being Married--Happy Anniversary

It's hard to believe that we are celebrating our 29th anniversary (especially because I'm only 21 myself). I still remember the first time I met Del. It was Sunday, May 20, 1984. I was speaking in sacrament meeting in the DeJong concert Hall on BYU campus. My talk was on celestial marriage. I didn't want to speak on that topic because after a few bad experiences, I was a little anti-marriage. A friend of mine convinced me to speak on it.

I looked out over the congregation and there he was. Bright blond hair and a big, warm smile. I was immediately drawn to him and wondered who the new guy in the ward was. I soon found out that he had been called as the "dad" of our family home evening group . . . and I was called as the "mom." I really had no idea it would become a permanent arrangement. :)

Our courtship was a little bumpy. We started dating, but then he had a serious car accident and had to go home to CO. He invited me to come see him, but never called. I spent the summer in CA working to save for my next year at BYU. I waited for him to call. All summer. But he didn't. So when I went back up to BYU, with my roommate's encouragement, I called him. And I gave it to him. I told him he was a big jerk. And that was that.

I dated other guys and had no contact with him. He dated other girls. Lots of other girls. He even drove up to Salt Lake from CO to see a girl. Right past Provo, where I was living. But he didn't stop to see me. (I learned all of this later).

During Christmas break, I went home to Santa Barbara and worked at the theater during my break. One day I came home to a box of long-stemmed roses. I thought they were from another guy. When I read the card, with Del's name on it, I almost fell over. I was still mad that he dumped me. How dare he have the nerve to send me roses. And wish me a Merry Christmas. And ask me to call him. No way was I going to do that. And then I did.

He flew me out to his house in CO and that was it. I knew I wanted to marry him (but I made him work for it, because I was still mad he dumped me). We were sealed in the Los Angeles temple on April 25th.

In all of my imaginings as a young girl, I could never have dreamed up the amazing marriage and life I have. I never knew that marriage could be so wonderful or that a man could be so good and so perfect for me. A man who is so patient and kind and loving. He wakes up in the morning with a smile and is cheerful all the time. He is full of love for his fellowman and loves God with all of his heart. He serves others without complaint. He loves me despite all of my many weaknesses and he loves all of our kids. He is faithful, trustworthy, and compassionate. He builds me up and supports me in my writing dreams. He stands by me and is loyal. He's funny and makes me laugh (even when he tells the corniest jokes). I love to hear his laugh. I have been so very blessed for the last 29 years and I look forward to an eternity of happiness with him.

Happy Anniversary to my one true love!

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