Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dead Running by Cami Checketts

From the Back Cover:

Cassidy Christensen is running.
Running from the mercenaries who killed her parents.
Running from a scheming redhead intent on making her life miserable. 
Running from painful memories that sabotage her dreams of happiness.
With two very tempting men competing for her attention, she hopes she'll finally have someone to run to, but can she trust either of them? When secrets from her past threaten her family, Cassidy decides to stop running and fight for her future.

A light-hearted and clean romantic suspense, Dead Running will have you lacing up your running shoes and impatiently waiting for the sequel.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the voice of Cassidy, the main character. She was so honest. She said embarrassing things and things I wouldn't have expected, which made her seem so realistic. She didn't feel contrived at all. I loved her.

Checketts kept me guessing until the end. I had no idea who'd turn out the be the bad guy. Throughout the story, Cassidy is confused about her feelings for two men. I found myself rooting for one and then rooting for the other. I felt as confused as she did! Checketts did a great job making me feel like Cassidy. 

I also enjoyed the action and found myself clicking and clicking and clicking through my Kindle to get to the end and finally see how it would be resolved. 

I also liked the secondary characters and felt they were developed well. And I thought Cassidy's pet names for the characters like "Hot Redhead," "Muscle Man," and "Greasy Beanpole" were funny, especially because I've found myself giving similar nicknames to people whose real names I don't know. I think that added a dimension of realism as well.

And I loved, loved, loved that it was clean.

Dead Running is exciting, action-packed, well-written, and has plenty of romance. I highly recommend it.

You can purchase Dead Running here. 

You can learn more about Cami Checketts here.

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