Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disney vs Universal

My oldest daughter is participating in the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL until August. We decided to go out to visit her for her birthday a few weeks ago. May is a perfect time to visit. We walked on most rides and compared to other times we have visited Disney World, the crowd was relatively small.

We went to all the parks: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. I like each of the parks for different reasons. My favorite rides are Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom and Rockin' Rollercoaster in Hollywood Studios.

I like Magic Kingdom, but I have to be honest, it doesn't have the same magic for me that Disneyland has. I'm sure it's because I grew up going to Disneyland regularly. I remember back in the day when we had to use tickets to get on the rides and the Matterhorn was the "big" ride. Disneyland makes me feel like a kid again. I have so many memories there and I love it. Magic Kingdom in Orlando is fun, just not as magical for me.

We also went to Universal's Islands of Adventure. Some of the coolest rides ever. LOVED Harry Potter World and I'm not even a Potterite (though my daughter is and she was in heaven--just like a little girl even though she's 23). The ride through the castle is probably the best ride I've ever been on because it makes you part of the world. You are following Harry through a Quidditch game and flying around Hogwarts, then you're in the spider's lair (which squirts water at you). We hardly waited in line, but going through the wait area is so cool because it has so many things featured in the books. AWESOME ride.

I also loved the Spiderman ride for the same reason. You become part of Spiderman's world and the ride is interactive--a bad guy plugs a big cord into the car you're in and it starts shaking, you feel heat when the Goblin throws fiery pumpkin heads, and you're sprinkled with water when the bad water guy comes after you. Of course, at the end Spiderman saves the day. AWESOME ride.

I also loved the roller coasters in Harry Potter World called the Dueling Dragons (I think). Fast, smooth, upside down at times. The front seat is the best spot. There's a blue one and a red one--my favorite was the blue one.

I did not like The Hulk Rollercoaster. Too jerky and each time I rode it, I ended up with a headache.

As for Disney vs. Universal:

Disney wins for atmosphere and ambiance hands down. But Universal wins for awesome rides. I wouldn't go to Universal with really young kids because they'd miss out on a lot of the rides, but for older kids and adults, you just can't beat those Universal rides.

A very fun trip!


Sheila said...

It sounds like a very fun trip. We are saving our money now so we can go to Harry Potter World.

dex1965 said...
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izza said...

For me Orlando Theme Parks is a great deal, not just for kids but also for adults.