Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston

Ida Mae Babbit has done her community service and is a reformed woman - no more law-breaking for her.

But when Arlette's granddaughter Eden discovers a mystery in a fancy nursing home, Ida Mae - with the perfect excuse of a broken wrist and a broken ankle - checks herself into the place. After all, it is for the greater good.

Soon she's buzzing around in her motorized wheelchair, questioning the residents and swiping files from the office. She's bound and determined to get to the bottom of this case.

But can she solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim?

They've done it again. Tristi Pinkston because she's once again written a humorous, entertaining, and fun read. And, Ida Mae because she's helped solve another mystery.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on old-lady-speak and elderly knowledge since I grew up with my grandparents. I heard about all sorts of things that happen as you age and can attest to the fight for independence. Neither of my grandparents wanted to depend on anyone, even when they desperately needed to. I found the details in Ida Mae's characterization to be right on the money. Ida Mae is fiercely independent and even though her friends try to "help" her, she resists. But, of course, she can't resist a mystery. And you won't be able to resist reading this story.

I loved the unexpected romance. I used to think romance and all that was confined to the young (the older I get the more I realize I was wrong) but it's sweet to see it happen to older people, even if one of them isn't quite sure how to wear his hair. (You'll have to read the book to understand that reference).

Pinkston has created such realistic characters that I feel like I could visit with any of them because they feel like trusted friends. I think that's the magic with this book and with the series. The characters feel like people you might know in your neighborhood.

Dearly Departed in the second in the Secret Sisters Mysteries. I'm looking forward to the next one to see what Ida Mae and her gang will be up to next. And to see who Eden chooses.

You can learn more about Tristi Pinkston at her website and her blog. You can purchase Dearly Departed at Amazon.

Thanks, Tristi, for a fun and entertaining book!


Rebecca said...

Great review! I look forward to reading this one!

Chris said...

Ooh, this looks great! Thanks for the review.

kbrebes said...

I love that as we get older we recognize more and more the things we were wrong about. At least we're honest and can admit them! : )