Friday, August 8, 2008

Contest: Win Perfume

I'm sponsoring a contest. The winner will receive a bottle of Hope perfume (the fragrance of Heaven Scent). You can read more about Hope here.

The rules:

1. Tell five people about my book. They must be people who haven't previously heard about Heaven Scent. You can talk to them, email them, write a letter to them, and/or post about my book on the internet (you can even sing about my book if you're so inclined). The idea is to make as many people aware of Heaven Scent as possible.

2. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about how you told people about my book.

3. I'll run the contest for two weeks. On August 22, 2008 I will put the names of all commenters in a hat and one of my kids will pick the winner (I'm sure I could do this more high-tech, but my son will be home from his mission in 5 days and I'm a little too distracted to figure out how to do the thingie other people use that picks a winner).

4. This will be on the honor system. I'll trust you that when you leave a comment you have, in fact, told at least five people about my book. You can enter a comment for every five people you tell for a better chance at winning the perfume.

Hope is the name of the perfume worn by Liza’s mother in Heaven Scent. It’s a soft floral blend of jasmine, freesia and mimosa. This fragrance is pivotal in convincing Liza that despite her new reality, her mother is never far from her. Hope reminds us that families are forever and we are constantly encircled by their love.

Good luck and thank you for helping me spread the word about Heaven Scent.


Gamila said...

Hey! I don't know if I'll participate in the contest. But I did a blog review and got a free copy. I thought you would like to know that I gave my copy to my sisters-in-law and they both read it and liked it. They do want to know if there is a sequel though. Will there be?

Janet Burningham said...

I like your contest idea. I'm not much of a perfume person though. If I win, can I get a book? I'd love to read your book. I will email five of my friends and let them know about your book and blog. I just started a blog and a website about my book and I know how much it helps to spread the word! Good luck!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hi Rebecca -

I reviewed Heaven Scent on my blog during your blog tour. I also emailed out to my blog email list about your book (about 75 people). Does that count? :)

Good luck with your contest. I'm running a chocolate stories contest right now. Be sure to come check it out!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Just in case . . . I blogged about your contest and included a link to my review of Heaven Scent. Thanks for your fun contest!

Valerie Ipson said...

Hi, Rebecca,

I emailed 10 people and told them about your book! That's so exciting you have a perfume that goes along with it.