Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Perfect Summer Day

The other day we finished all of our chores (cleaning the house, watering the garden, hoeing the weeds, feeding the animals) early enough that we were able to relax for a bit and enjoy the day.

We filled the kiddie pool, spread out blankets and towels, and set the radio in the living room window so we could hear some tunes. We sat in the hot sun, sipping lemonade and reading books. The younger kids splashed in the pool and "shot" each other with water guns. My 12 year old thought it'd be funny to shoot his older sister with a cool stream of water from his gun. She responded exactly as I thought. She marched over to him, picked him up like a baby, and dunked him in the kiddie pool, both of them laughing along the way. The other kids ran through the yard playing James Bond with their water guns. Even my youngest was in on the fun, splashing wildly in his micro-mini kiddie pool.

We even had some relief from those nasty little gnats.

I marveled at the opportunity to just sit and watch my kids. I love seeing them interact together. As I watched them, I was filled with such gratitude that Heavenly Father chose me to be their mom and that I have been able to spend time with such remarkable children. I am truly blessed.

Yes, it was a perfect summer day.

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